Schedule Management

Managing complex project or program schedules can be as much art as it is science. Working with resource-loaded schedules, analyzing work breakdown structures, and validating contractor schedules for contingencies and relationships are the core drivers of a good schedule manager.

Our approach is to look at all the elements that are likely to impact the schedule; evaluate the likelihood of their impact to the project; and develop strategies for minimizing the impact. We apply our years of experience to determine the most likely outcome and drive success.

Financial Management

Managing a project’s financials is one of the most important aspects of a successful capital project. WCG takes great pride in being able to provide our clients with accurate budget reports that represent the true likely cost of a successful, closed project.

We are responsible for not only tracking and validating what costs have hit a project, but also for giving our clients a realistic forecast of the anticipated total cost that reflects ongoing project changes. Our cost managers are trained to both look in the rear view mirror, and towards the finish line.

Document Control

We know how important it is to be able to locate critical project information when you need it most. WCG provides all levels of document controls for a variety of projects and programs.

There are many systems on the market that make managing the volumes of documents associated with today's construction projects more streamlined. We are well-versed in the application and functionality of these tools, and can help implement the effectively.

GIS Based Logistics

Many major capital programs could benefit from the implementation of a Geographic Information System (GIS) platform.

GIS enables clients to predict, plan for, and track conflicts with logistics and operations. It is particularly helpful with large-scale programs spanning wide geographic areas. Vital information can be made available to project stakeholders to minimize negative impacts to the schedule and budget. WCG can work with you to determine if a GIS platform would bring value to your project.