WCG is a full-service project, program and construction management firm dedicated to providing superior project controls support to our clients. After 35 years in the construction industry, Kevin Wagner knew that if a major construction program had problems, it could usually be traced back to the project controls. He founded WCG in response to this problem.

Too many times, projects are plagued by a lack of discipline and tools to properly track all the complexities of a major construction project. Our approach provides our clients with the confidence that they need to deliver their capital projects on time and on budget.


We believe that every stakeholder deserves to be confident in the information they are sharing: whether it’s how a project is progressing, or how much it will ultimately cost. Our experience proves that a methodical approach to reviewing our own work is vital to establishing and maintaining that confidence.

Even with the advancement of project control software, there will always be a human element to tracking and controlling major construction programs. We believe that rigorous quality control of our own efforts can eliminate these risks. This includes regular project visits by our senior staff and detailed document, schedule and budget reviews to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible.

Our Locations

San Francisco Headquarter
350 Rhode Island, Suite 240
San Francisco, CA 94103

Sacramento Location:
317 12th Street, Suite 8
Sacramento, CA 95814